Meet the Trio!

Hi there! My name is Hellen Michaelsen and I founded Vegan Dog Food 101 in 2017. If you are on this page, you probably want to know who is writing these articles and more! Let me quickly introduce myself and my two friends.

It is I, the Vegan

As many other compassionate people, I went vegetarian back in 2007 after watching a video by PETA. After a few years, I went vegan and have never felt more calm and happy.

I am a linguist by profession and an artist by trade. I love teaching others, and seeing their results is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

My New Joy in Life

I have decided to make a huge commitment and finally get a dog in 2015. Olivia is an Alaskan Malamute, a very fluffy, energetic ball of happiness and the sunshine of my life. Before getting her, I was conflicted about having meat in my house again, but I was ready to do that for the puppy.

Just before getting Olivia, I have noticed that quite a few of my vegan friends have dogs, so I asked their opinion about the diet issue. I was surprised to learn that most of them fed their dogs a vegan diet. I immersed myself into doing research online for a few months, and even dragged my friend, a practicing veterinary physician Nicole Cruz, into it.

The Big Idea

After spending hours and hours upon researching vegan diets for dogs over the countless cups of tea (we don’t like coffee), we have both came to a conclusion that modern dogs can definitely survive and thrive being vegan. Nicole already had some knowledge and experience from the years of working as a vet, but I wanted to be sure my dog will be okay being vegan. There was one issue, though. Many websites had outdated information about the current vegan dog foods available on the market.

After a couple more cups of tea, we have decided to start a blog showcasing and reviewing the vegan dog food formulas. The process goes like this: I write an article, Nicole reviews it, I edit and publish it.

Even though I have a vegan dog myself, I have chosen to remain objective and not to take Olivia’s food preferences into the consideration while writing the reviews. I can, however, assure you, that she is very happy and healthy!

Does This Site Make Money?

Yes, Vegan Dog Food 101 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees. Basically, if you click any Amazon.com link and then make a purchase on Amazon, I earn a small percentage of the revenue generated. It doesn’t matter what you buy and the income generated helps to pay for the hosting, domain, design, and other monthly expenses, related to this website.

We are incredibly thankful for Your support!

Please note that I have absolutely no connection with the pet food industry and have no financial incentive to rate any brand over another.